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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

May 22, 2012

Red Chili Sauce

Do you like spicy? My husband super loves it. Almost for every lunch, he makes a chili sauce like this.  It can burn your tongue :)

12 komentar:

HansHB May 22, 2012  

Great colour and nice post for RT2!

kim May 22, 2012  

i love spicy food and so does my husband..

Gemma Wiseman May 22, 2012  

Certainly a rich deep red!

Magical Mystical Teacher May 22, 2012  

It looks as though it would set a house on fire!

Tiny Red Leaves

emz May 22, 2012  

I like spicy but not extremely hot or else i will be on fire.

Kramer May 22, 2012  

the hotter, the better...

really good food should hurt....

Maria @ LSS May 22, 2012  

That looks hot! Happy RT2!

Mine's here.

Maria @ LSS May 22, 2012  

I like it hot but not too hot.

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Joops May 23, 2012  

Captured beautifully! Have a nice day.

Purrfect Pens for RT, come and see.

chubskulit May 23, 2012  

Hot, hot, hot!

Hope you'd come and see my Red Cake.

tik tok May 23, 2012  

i most like chili when eating

Jessica Cassidy June 06, 2012  

that looks so spicy indeed! I do not like spicy because it clears my nose :-( Returning from RT2

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